Testimonials describe what has been and are a promise of what is to come!

A wonderful job

Mr N Robinson

Mr and Mrs Blackman are very happy with the install.

Mr & Mrs Collin & Linda Blackman

Would have Black Box again for more work.

Mrs Hazel Pearce

The Black Box insulation team were brilliant. We cannot fault any of their work. They arrived early and finished late every day. The job was done from start to finish in 5 days and absolutely everything went to plan. Instantly we can feel our home become warmer and we have already begun to start saving money on our energy bills.

Mrs Carpenter & Mrs Fisher

We cannot fault one bit of the work done by the superb insulation team. They were highly professional, punctual and generally a friendly team of workers. They were so good and arrived on site so early that we made them bacon sandwiches. In the final walk around with Sam we could not find a fault with any of the work. The job was done in four days.

Mr & Mrs Budd

Black Box are the real deal.

Mrs Beryl Windmill